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The celebrity whose birthday in April is Sebastian Moy

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Social star who earned significant followings on Instagram and YouTube posting a range of content including short comedic videos. He also hosts The Sebastian Moy Show, a talk show on the Flighthouse YouTube channel where he has played host to numerous guests who also have significant social followings. 


11, 2003




16 years old

Birth Sign



11, 2003 (age 16)



He has brothers named Oliver, Alex, Nick and Mateo. He and his brother Oliver also have a joint TikTok channel called TheMoyBoys. He dated Dylan Conrique in 2018. 

All of his online success started to come to fruition in early-to-mid 2016. 

His talk show has been visited by social stars such as Baby Ariel, Piper Rockelle and Kristen Hancher. He has over 950,000 followers on Instagram. 

He and his brother Oliver drew internet personalities such as RiceGum and Jacob Sartorius in a video they posted titled “Drawing YouTubers.”  

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