Brendon Urie Rock Singer Birthday

The most famous people whose birthday in April, 12 is Brendon Urie

Rock Singer


Lead singer of the pop rock band Panic! at the Disco who plays bass, organ, accordion, and cello, among other instruments. In 2015, he became the sole remaining member of the band.  

Happy Birthday!

12, 1987


St. George,


32 years old

Birth Sign


Happy Birthday!

12, 1987 (age 32)


St. George,

He married Sarah Orzechowski on April 27, 2013. He later came out as pansexual in 2018.

He was picked on in high school for being hyperactive and worked at a smoothie shop in order to pay for practice space.

In 2017 he starred in Cyndi Lauper’s Tony Award-Winning Broadway musical Kinky Boots.

He wrote a song for the soundtrack of Jennifer’s Body, a film which starred Megan Fox. 

Most Famous People Birthday April 12


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